A professional editor ensures that you are communicating your thoughts and ideas as concisely as possible. The problem with editorial work is that it’s subjective. While we bow at the feet of William Zinnser and regard the Chicago Manual of Style as our bible, no two editors are the same. We all have different approaches to dealing with a raw manuscript, and differ in terms of pricing, speed, and experience.

So why Perfect Page? Well first, you’ll always get a real, human, in-house editor, and never an automated program. I won’t send your work to someone in another part of the world. And you’ll be able to speak to me one on one about your project—whether business or personal.

Our content principles, listed below, allow you to get a better feel for our style. We also offer all authors a free sample edit of the manuscript they are considering submitting. This allows us to show you what we’re capable of, and it also gives us an opportunity to assess your work for pricing points and turnaround.

Our content principles


We believe that writing should make sense and get the point across quickly. We help you eliminate confusing prose and mixed messages. We make sure you don’t skip over essential details or assume the reader knows everything.


Everything you publish should serve a purpose. We ensure your words support your goals and align with your mission.


Your content is the perfect avenue to showcase your personality – we help you choose the precise word, find the right tone, and develop a relatable writing style. A warm, clear voice can help readers find what they need and relieve stressful situations.


You do not need to write a lot or use big words to sound smart. We believe that when it comes to great writing, less is more. We ensure you don’t waste words, and in doing so, don’t waste the reader’s time.

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