We offer full in-house editing services with an emphasis on English language correction for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, clarity, structure, discipline-specific terminology, reference formatting, and specific journal style. Our editors are extremely proficient with the AMA Manual of Style, the APA Publication Manual, The Chicago Manual of Style, and the MLA Handbook.

We specialise in scholarly nonfiction publications, particularly in the fields of social sciences, humanities, applied sciences, life sciences, and education. We've helped students and academics in subjects in business, management, political science, social sciences, arts and the humanities. We've also assisted foreign students/non-native English (ESL) speakers in getting the specialised help they need, and we are also available for consultation and feedback of academic work.

We welcome enquiries from students, postgraduate candidates, scientists, researchers and organisations for academic editing and proofreading of journal manuscripts, conference papers, project reports, research grant proposals, and honours/masters/PhD theses. 

Note: For thesis editing, changes will be limited to basic copy editing and proofreading, and will exclude suggestions pertaining to argument structure or logical flow to ensure the thesis remains entirely the work of the author.

How it works

  1. Request a quote or email your paper to Please remember to state your desired completion date, your style guide or journal name, the level of edit you are looking for, whether you would like to include the reference list in the edit, and any other instructions that would help the editor to carry out your expectations.

  2. Perfect Page will reply with a quote and payment details within 24 hours. We can also edit your abstract (or a 250 word extract) at no charge as a demonstration of our editing style.

  3. Reply with a confirmation. We will proceed as soon as payment clears. 

  4. We return your article by the specified date. 

We will normally be able to edit your manuscript within a week, unless it is long (over 10,000 words).

We provide legal receipts so you can apply for funding, research grants, or other related items. If you have a budget surplus that you would like to use in advance, we can issue you a receipt now and modify your paper when you have one. We can provide editing certificates.

We edit electronically using MS Word. You'll get back two versions of your original text – one with tracked changes visible and one "clean" copy, which includes comments (if any) in the margins. We are familiar with multiple templates and styles of coding and are experienced in working with style manuals, including Chicago, AMA, APA, and AP.

For students and academics, our goal is for you to have a manuscript that meets your publisher's requirements and is ready for journal submission or one that is ready for presentation at a conference. 


Our proofreading rates start from $10 per page, and we offer discounts for thesis editing. Rates vary depending on the complexity of the project, length of document and turnaround time, so please email us your enquiry and document for a customised quotation. 

Rush services (24 hour turnaround) may be requested for an additional 30% fee. 

Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card (via PayPal) or cheque. Full payment is required before the start of any project.


All documents and correspondence will be kept completely confidential and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Please note that we might not be able to accept all manuscripts during exam periods and thesis submission windows as we get a lot of requests during this time, so book early!

Thank you, Tim, for helping me through this project. You’ve been a lifesaver. Seriously. I feel good about what’s there. You helped really get the most of what I was trying to say. I appreciate your attentiveness to the little things.
— Dr Raphael Travis, Associate Professor, Texas State University

job scope for editing

Proofreading: Making a final check for errors but not changing words to improve style, clarity, or accuracy. For print projects, this means correcting the print-ready document in its layout phase and proofing for typographic mistakes or misspellings.

Style Editing: Standardising of text to the house/journal style.

Minor Editing: Your document will be checked thoroughly for grammatical errors, misspellings and typographical mistakes and other inconsistencies. I will also suggest minor changes to improve readability/clarity without substantively changing the content. Please choose Technical Editing if considerable changes to language and structure are necessary.

Technical Editing: Correcting misspellings, all grammatical errors, misused words, poor sentence structures, omitted or repeated words, use of punctuation, standardising words in heads, titles, use of single or double quote marks, serial commas, numbers, acronyms, compound words, extracts, italics and illustrations, spelling (American or English), etc.

Substantive/Comprehensive Editing: One round of Technical Editing and another round focusing on improving the overall clarity of the text by addressing any problems with structure or organisation of ideas. Improve sentence phrasing and suggest sections to reword or rearrange as necessary to improve the clarity of the document. Editing to cut down excessively long pieces; altering the voice in a text (from passive to active); checking citations, inserting head levels and approximate placement of art, notifying designer of any unusual production requirements.