Who we are


We're a collective of creators and communicators who are comfortable in digital and social space – passionate storytellers and designers who value research, dialogue and insight in the content creation process. We shape narratives for brands, companies and institutions, closely collaborating with them to create beautiful and inspiring narratives.

As a small firm, we are able to meet a broad range of customer needs. So if you have any specific requirements, please inquire.We selectively take on new projects, bringing on designers, writers, editors and photographers based on the needs of each project.

We work corporate and government clients across sectors such as finance, professional services, technology and lifestyle. What our clients have in common is they're doing something interesting and want to communicate better. 

Perfect Page's managing editor, Timothy, began his career as a copyeditor for an academic think tank. He was later a journalist, copyeditor and researcher for several other think tanks and international news media in countries like Germany, Russia and Singapore, covering topics from international affairs to urban planning. During this time, he wrote a regular arts column for a national newspaper and was a political analyst on an internationally broadcast radio program. His stories have appeared in publications like The Moscow Times, St. Petersburg Times, The Atlantic, Urban Land Magazine, Citiscope, TimeOut, ASEAN Today, The Straits Times and The Business Times.


Our content principles

1.   Clarity

We believe that writing should make sense and get the point across quickly. We help you eliminate confusing prose and mixed messages. We make sure you don’t skip over essential details or assume the reader knows everything.

2.   Usefulness

Everything you publish should serve a purpose. We ensure your words support your goals and align with your mission.

3.   Friendliness

Your content is the perfect avenue to showcase your personality – we help you choose the precise word, find the right tone, and develop a relatable writing style. A warm, clear voice can help readers find what they need and relieve stressful situations.

4.   Brevity

You do not need to write a lot or use big words to sound smart. We believe that when it comes to great writing, less is more. We ensure you don’t waste words, and in doing so, don’t waste the reader’s time.

Our clients

Why work with us?

We know our stuff, and we'll add value to your content. Writing and editing is in our blood, and using our editorial expertise to your advantage is what we're here for.

We take the time to get to know you and discover how we can help your organisation communicate better. At the same time, we respect your content and voice, and use our expertise to make you sound better.

We know how to collaborate with authors and communications teams to bring out their best and will work with you to help you develop and sustain brand awareness by improving your messaging.

We aim to develop longstanding relationships with our clients and aim to deliver above and beyond the brief. Whether we work alongside your marketing team or independently, our aim is to produce clear and engaging publications or writing you will be proud of.